The gentle routine is adapted to the needs of very sensitive, hypersensitive, reactive, intolerant and allergy prone skin. The patented and highly safe Sterile Cosmetics® technology offers a preservative free formula, to provide outstanding tolerance and safety.
Formulated with “”Skin Affinity”” texture : 100% biomimetic formula since it mimicks the natural composition of the skin and otpmises the targeted efficacy of D-Sensinose.

– Fragrance-free gentle cleanser
– Protects against dryness

Key Ingredients
– Avène Thermal Spring Water: unique softening, soothing and anti-irritating active that leaves the skin feeling soothed, supple and soft. – D-Sensinose: An ultra-calming patented postbiotic for all types of skin hypersensitivity

-89% reduction in overall sensation of dicomfort*
Soft anti-irritation texture
Non-aggressive for the skin
Protects against dryness
Removes makeup

* Evaluation of the sensitive scale immediately after the first application, then at 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months.