Natural waves are an attractive look, however many men and women with wavy hair want a straight look in order to achieve their many hairstyle ideas. As an international brand for haircare and cosmetics, Wella has access to the right hairdressing technology to straighten curly hair in a gentle way. The Style edition of straightening irons is a convenient and easy-to-use tool which can be used either at home or in professional hair salons. Equipping your bathroom or salon is especially easy with Wella’s range including hairdryers and other hairdressing technology. Our online shop also offers great deals on orders in addition to this .

Straighten your hair with Wella’s high-quality tools

The Style straightening iron is part of the Wella Professionals collection and is therefore ideal for use in everyday professional life in hair salons all over the world. The long and convenient design of the straightening iron makes the product easy to use and the heated surface of the iron protects your hair. As the products are based on modern technology, professionals do not need to worry about burning hair, which allows people of all ages to look good. With few buttons, the Style straightening iron is also very easy to use. Especially useful is the graduated temperature setting which allows styling to be individually tailored to each hair type.

Styling and cosmetics made easier with quality tools by Wella

Modern hairdressing technology is increasingly being used at home to create unique styles without having to visit a professional salon. Wella’s range which includes Style and other hairdressing technology makes this easily and safely possible and allows you to try out exciting styles. More haircare and styling products are included in Wella’s varied product range. You can find out more about the entire range in our online shop. Here you will find not only the classic straightening irons, but other technical products, such as shavers and hairdryers, which allow you to put together your own unique style.