This Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ of serums has been formulated with high concentrations of vitamin A. They are designed to help normalise the appearance of skin abnormalities and damage, and in promoting healthy-looking skin eventually creating skin that looks truly reborn beautiful.

How to use:
1. Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone your skin with your preferred Environ products.
2. Apply Retinol in a thin layer, in the evening. It can be used with the Electro-sonic DF Moblie skincare device.
3. Apply either Tri-peptide Complex Avance DFP312 Moisturiser or/and Super moisturiser to give extra comfort and hydration.
4. alternatively apply all products together.
5. Must use 2-3 bottles before stepping up through the retinols, maintaining at Retinol 3.
6. Introduce each Retinol slowly

Assists in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone.
Helps to refine the look of skin texture, giving your skin a firmer and smoother appearance.
Assists in reducing and improving the appearance of premature aging and fine lines.